Sabert® Green Collection Pulp Container-30 oz. Rectangular

Sabert® Green Collection Pulp Container-30 oz. Rectangular

Item # 10048800

  • Use lid: 51601F300, 51601F300PLA
  • 9" x 6.75"
30 oz. Rectangular, CS
Manufacturers Item #46130F300N
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For packaging that can handle the toughest conditions, try Sabert’s laminated pulp containers. These soak-proof compostable bases offer longer, stronger storage for heavy, saucy foods. Versatility for hot and cold foods. We combine sustainable design with exceptional performance, using pulp that comes from sugar cane fiber, one of the world’s most abundant annually renewable resources. Our sustainable packaging is table-ready and designed to withstand any condition, from freezers to ovens. Sabert manufactures both the bases and double lock lids, ensuring optimal lid fit and leak resistance. BPI[R] Compostable.

Use lid: 51601F300, 51601F300PLA. 9" x 6.75".

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